Aseptic was founded in 2009 by two technicians with twenty years of experience in the field of realization of keys on hand of cleanrooms.

We invest many resources in the continuous professional development of our technicians to offer cutting-edge solutions with the assurance of the highest customer’s satisfaction.

Maintenance Services

  • Maintenance of HVAC systems
  • Maintenance laminar flow hoods
  • Maintenance electrical installations
  • Maintenance thermal plants
  • Maintenance air conditioning systems
  • Maintenance installations domotics
  • Cleanroom maintenance
  • Maintenance workshops B11-B12-B13-B14

Validation Services

  • Validation HVAC
  • Laboratory Equipment Validation
  • Validation glove box (glove breach / verification depressions / Count)
  • Validation autoclaves
  • Validation warm rooms / insulators for radioactive (Count particle / leak test / courses)
  • Validation stores
  • Validation cleaning room
  • Validation workshops B11-B12-B13-B14

Hvac systems to cleanroom service including equipment which are in, and the systems that run it.

Aseptic has a large network of partnerships with leading companies in the field of automation and building technologies, this allows to consolidate a strong experience in the design and development of software regarding supervision and control systems for the building, up to realize supervision systems CFR21-11. on the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories for stem cell research climate.

Performing one of the most refined systems “Supervision and Environmental Monitoring” created in 2014 for the monitoring and control of new GMP laboratories in Italy.

SMA is the best product for supervision that our society has to offer, a “suit” specially stitched on the specifications required by our customers, the development of which is entirely designed by our technicians from various sectors of the “Pharma” world that in symbiosis cooperating in the implementation, and validation of the systems realized by us.

Aseptic is a landmark in “building technologies”, it has partnership with leaders in the industry, it has been able to customize the supervision of the building, to the GMP laboratory, integrating control and monitoring of the three main elements of the structure: HVAC, Equipments and Particle / Microbiologic.

SMA is evolving with the market demands and new technologies, the development follows the evolution, because Aseptic is always looking for innovation and new solutions to improve the supervision of the Research Laboratory of Pharmaceutical and workshops.

The property of all the measurement instruments used , required for the validation and upgrading of the installations and the equipments, makes our services, unique and fast to costumers’ demand, allowing us to break down the intervention timing also during the periods of “stationary installations”.

SAT Regione Lazio

Aseptic offers technical support and validation service in whole region Lazio

Aseptic Branch in Lazio | Via Pericle Perali, 11 – 00135 Roma

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