Aseptic Srl is a leading company in the field of realization of keys on hand of cleanrooms, founded in 2009.

We invest many resources in the continuous professional development of our technicians to offer cutting-edge solutions with the assurance of the highest customer’s satisfaction.

Hvac systems to cleanroom service including equipment which are in, and the systems that run it.

Aseptic has a large network of partnerships with leading companies in the field of automation and building technologies, this allows to consolidate a strong experience in the design and development of software regarding supervision and control systems for the building, up to realize supervision systems CFR21-11. on the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories for stem cell research climate.

Performing one of the most refined systems “Supervision and Environmental Monitoring” created in 2014 for the monitoring and control of new GMP laboratories in Italy.

SMA is the best product for supervision that our society has to offer, a “suit” specially stitched on the specifications required by our customers, the development of which is entirely designed by our technicians from various sectors of the “Pharma” world that in symbiosis cooperating in the implementation, and validation of the systems realized by us.

Aseptic is a landmark in “building technologies”, it has partnership with leaders in the industry, it has been able to customize the supervision of the building, to the GMP laboratory, integrating control and monitoring of the three main elements of the structure: HVAC, Equipments and Particle / Microbiologic.

SMA is evolving with the market demands and new technologies, the development follows the evolution, because Aseptic is always looking for innovation and new solutions to improve the supervision of the Research Laboratory of Pharmaceutical and workshops.

The property of all the measurement instruments used , required for the validation and upgrading of the installations and the equipments, makes our services, unique and fast to costumers’ demand, allowing us to break down the intervention timing also during the periods of “stationary installations”.


Company policy

The basic principle on which the Quality policy is based is:

“Maximum customer satisfaction in compliance with its explicit and implicit expectations and needs, obtained thanks to the high quality of the products and services offered”

With the application of the aforementioned Management System and considering the high quality of the products and services offered, reliable as a binding objective to be achieved and constantly guaranteed, the Company Management defines the following principles of the quality policy it intends to achieve:

  • The Company Policy is aligned with the new UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 regulation.
  • Maintain and improve the quality system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification
  • Take into account expectations for all interested parties.
  • Observe the applicable laws in force and satisfy the requirements both implicit and expressed in the contracts, to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Promote, throughout the organization, awareness of the importance of meeting the requirements of the system and increasing the skills and motivations of the staff in order to guarantee effective and efficient performance for all organizational processes.
    Involve third-party companies called to operate for the company, to share the same quality criteria defined in this policy.
    Increase the competitiveness of the company by reducing operating costs, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the Organization.
  • The Aseptic Srl Management formally undertakes to conduct a systematic and documented review of the quality system to ensure its continuous adequacy and efficacy in meeting the requirements of the reference standard, the objectives expressed in the corporate quality policy, those defined in the process policies and those that will be defined from time to time on the occasion of the review itself.
  • The review is the institutional occasion in which the measurement criteria for each identified indicator will be established and the necessary resources and the most appropriate and appropriate means will be made available to allow the Process Managers involved to work so that the identified objectives can be achieved.
  • The Aseptic Srl Management is aware that the contribution of each collaborator is fundamental for the achievement of the corporate objectives, and for this purpose has assigned specific tasks and responsibilities.
  • The Management undertakes to invest in education and training, so that the most suitable conditions are created so that each collaborator can carry out his / her activity independently and is aware of how much his / her activity contributes and is important in order to achieve the quality objectives.

Policy comes:

  • Widespread and illustrated at all company levels to ensure full understanding and the strongest possible support, through posting and meetings with staff.
  • Periodically reviewed during the Review by the Management to evaluate its adequacy in reference to the changed internal organizational conditions, production and / or market



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