It has a large network of partnerships with leading companies in the field of automation and building technologies. It has gained a strong experience in designing and implementing software about supervision systems for controlling and monitoring the building, up to make CFR21-11 supervision systems in the pharmaceutical and stem cell research laboratories.

Performing one of the most refined systems “Supervision and Environmental Monitoring” created in 2014 for the monitoring and control of new GMP laboratories in Italy.

SMA is the best product for supervision that our society has to offer, a “suit” specially stitched on the specifications required by our customers, the development of which is entirely designed by our technicians, who at the same time participate at the development and validation of projects we made.

Aseptic is a landmark in “building technologies”, it has partnership with leaders in the industry, it has been able to customize the supervision of the building, to the GMP laboratory, integrating control and monitoring of the three main elements of the structure: HVAC, Equipments and Particle / Microbiologic.

SMA is evolving with the market demands and new technologies, the development follows the evolution, because Aseptic is always looking for innovation and new solutions to improve the supervision of the Research Laboratory of Pharmaceutical and workshops.

What Aseptic Offers

  • Risk analysis
  • Designing functional patterns P & L
  • Framework Design Automation
  • Sizing of control valves and field instruments
  • Design and implementation of application software
  • Remote management and remote control systems

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