Aseptic is able to offer commissioning, scheduled and extraordinary maintenance for HVAC systems used cleanrooms and laboratories services.

In order to maintain constant over time the operating parameters.

The services is offered as a suitable solution and serves a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical device
  • Health care
  • Semiconductor
  • Optical / Laser
  • Veterinary
  • Universities and Research
  • Workshops for High Containment


  • General Functional checks of aeraulic circuits, hydraulic and electrical
  • Control speed and air flow rate of terminal elements and raceways
  • Control of the parameters of temperature, humidity, ambient pressures
  • Controls lighting level
  • Noise Controls
  • Decontamination
  • Interventions replacement or repair of components and plant parts damaged or malfunctioning.
  • Replace filters on air handling units, ejectors, setting filters, hood filters
  • Supply of spare parts (belts, filters, lamps etc.).
  • Washing and sanitizing of heat exchangers
  • Final tests including balance of plant as planned and corrective actions if needed
  • Operating Checks
  • Checks electrical safety laboratory and electromedical equipment, IEC 62-353; CEI 62-148

A correct planning of the periodic checks and scheduling of maintenance operations allows to obtain the best results at the lowest cost, eliminating the interventions are not strictly necessary.

Aseptic is able to secure the services of emergency, periodic review and preventive and corrective maintenance.


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