Since always Aseptic works in contact with the different types of hoods and can boast a technological know-how thanks to the support of a team of professionals, who have been working in this sector for a long period.

Aseptic is well aware of what it means to work in an environment with controlled contamination, and research laboratories.

Aseptic is able to secure the services of emergency, periodic review and preventive and corrective maintenance of:

  • Biological Hoods unidirectional flow (laminar) horizontal (clean-benches)
  • Cabins biological unidirectional flow (laminar) vertical (clean air cabinets)
  • Microbiological safety cabinets (hoods BioHazard)
  • Safety hoods chemotherapy (BioHazard Class II Type H)
  • Insulators for reconstitution chemotherapy drugs
  • Fume hoods to total expulsion
  • Fume hoods recirculating filtration to Molecolar

Periodic Inspection Interventions Compliant with Standards

  • Decontamination
  • Replacing HEPA filters biological hoods and biohazard
  • Replacing activated carbon filters
  • Revalidation after replacing filters
  • Smoke pattern test movie
  • Try KI_ DISCUS containment
  • Park management DPC (chemical, biological hoods, safety cabinets)

Aseptic is able to provide the service for the disposal of used filters.


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