Our design team provides specialist support for customers’ projects to completely revamp large laboratories or small installations.

The team has extensive experience in assisting clients, in planning and implementing the project, providing equipment and high-level training and collaborating with other specialist teams.

Regardless of the size of the project, every aspect is handled with skill, enthusiasm and meticulous.

What Aseptic Offers

  • Total reorganization of workshop
  • Design and manufacture of special products Pass boxes Laminar Flow
  • Updating equipment present
  • Drawings with CAD floor plan
  • Designing the cleanroom
  • Supervision Work Management


  • Ventilation systems
  • Thermal plants
  • Electrical systems
  • Plant supervision
  • Laboratory furniture
  • Passes special materials
  • Laminar flow Special

It’s also possible to rely on our team for a training on products and systems.
For the execution of the operations listed above, you can contact an experienced Project Manager.

Other Services Offered


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